Pre-publication Review

Each year the firm vets dozens of books and other publications, hard copy and online, for publishers and authors, including leading New York book and magazine and trade publishers, as well as for smaller university presses, independent publishers, commercial and nonprofit, and individual self-publishers.

Content vetted has ranged broadly from investigative and news reporting and commentary, true crime books, biography/autobiography, business and financial, government and military, sports, medicine, literary and cultural topics, and other non-fiction works.

Among the publishers for whom books, newspapers and other content has previously been vetted are Simon& Schuster, Oxford University Press, Macmillan (St. Martin’s Press, Farrar Straus & Giroux, Flatiron Books, Henry Holt, Nature/Scientific American, Palgrave, Picador, Thomas Dunne Books, Times Books and Tor), West Side Press, Velocity Press and The Manhattan Institute.

Mr. Kaufman has also from time to time led private “newsroom” types of seminars for publishers and editors on prepublication review issues, including a presentation to the annual conference of the National Newspaper Association (NNA), and on defamation and other potential liability issues and risks, for media insurance carriers, underwriters and claims attorneys, including for CNA and Chubb Executive Risk.

See also Notable Developments/Pre-Publication Review for recent firm activities in this area.