Intellectual Property Transactions

Trademarks: The firm is active in the clearance, prosecution, and maintenance of trademarks.

The Firm’s lead trademark counsel, Michael Cantwell, has more than 18 years of experience shepherding applications through the registration process.  During this time, Mr. Cantwell has achieved a very low incidence of substantive PTO Office Actions and a very high success rate in overcoming any such Office Actions.   Mr. Cantwell and the firm have represented clients in trademark matters in a variety of industries, ranging from sole proprietors and partnerships through major commercial corporations and non-profits.

The Firm’s other trademark counsel, Len Charney, has over thirty years of experience handling the trademark registration process beginning with his tenure at RCA Records where he was responsible for protecting the numerous trademarks affiliated with the record label.

Copyrights: The firm also specializes in copyright-related transactions.

Mr. Cantwell has more than 18 years of experience registering copyrights, recording copyright transfers and mortgages, and conducting chain-of-title searches of copyrights.

The firm is also active in the negotiation, drafting, and enforcement of a wide variety of intellectual property agreements, including trademark and technology licenses and consulting, security, technology, escrow, and web site development and hosting agreements.

The firm, through Mr. Cantwell, also has considerable experience conducting intellectual property due diligence investigations in connection with a variety of corporate transactions, including (1) acquisition and divestiture agreements, (2) debt financing and bankruptcy proceedings, (3) IPOs, private placements and investment agreements, and (4) intellectual property securitizations.

Mr. Kaufman has also had extensive experience in the area of the licensing of copyrights and related IP, individually and industry-wide, especially in book publishing and music performing rights.

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