Higher Education/Academic Freedom

  • In June 2017, Mr. Kaufman will be leading a seminar for alumni on academic freedom at his alma mater, Hamilton College.
  • A decade ago the firm was asked to counsel a leading private liberal arts college in the Northeast during the course of a campus dispute involving a controversial outside speaker. Later that year the firm made a presentation on the principles of academic freedom at a special meeting of the college Board of Trustees. Two brief statements on “free speech” and “hate speech” were prepared at the time of the original representation and for a time or posted on the College website. They can now be found  reproduced in the Resource section, infra.In 2016, the firm prepared an update to its prior written report, reviewing recent academic freedom developments. The two reports were consolidated into a single book, which was presented to the new President of the college.
  • The firm was consulted regarding student disciplinary charges by a university that were subsequently dropped in their entirety.
  • The firm was retained to represent two faculty members in a higher education dispute involving their committee work. The dispute was satisfactorily resolved after a written presentation to, and ensuing negotiations with, the institution’s Special Counsel, Dean and President.
  • The firm was engaged by a college radio station to represent it in connection with a disciplinary action by the school. The disciplinary action was successfully resolved.